The Latin American service helps you to Identify and to let you track business opportunities. The Latin Lawyer provides the legal tools to negotiate contracts, appreciating cultural behaviours, taxation, labour and corporate difficulties, investment strategies to become a competitive player in this complex regional market. Years of regional experience and multiple legal licenses turn the firm into a very unique advisor and a relevant asset for your strategic market conquest.

Save time and resources by receiving reports with information, legal data and analysis to understand a multifaceted business environment and unforeseen regulations. The Latin Lawyer is in contact with several chambers of commerce assisting Canadian and US entrepreneurs doing business in Latin America. In fact, The Latin Lawyer has organized and coordinated multiple events of doing business in Brazil, Argentina and Chile in the last decades.

The firm can generate a complete outlook on your market’s legal, political and economic risks by combining strategical solutions to operate in Latin America and improve your business strategy.

The focus is to reduce uncertainty for decision makers, offering key contacts in managerial and operational roles, because the Latin Lawyer has participated in trade treaties’ negotiations and crucial dispute resolutions among Mercosur, ALADI, OAS and other organizations.

From Sao Paulo headquarters The Latin Lawyer regularly connects with partnerships in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago, Lima, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico DF, in some Central American countries like Panama and Costa Rica, Porto Alegre, and Curitiba.

Advisory comprehends fundamental investments in different industries, assisting technology suppliers and retail trading:


  • Financial services and insurance sector: Fintech and insurtech opportunities under modern legislation like in Mexico or Colombia, provide roadmaps about complex regulatory issues connected to innovation, compare regional Central Banks regulations to define investment and funds strategies.

  • Wineries: The Latin Lawyer connects with Latin American vineries, analyses shipping restrictions, compares origin certifications and labelling rules to Canadian provincial rules, environmental consequences, farming, agri-business, industrial waste management, health and licensing regulatory, e-commerce, wineries M&A in Latin America.

  • Technology and Innovation: M&As, environment protection, Artificial Intelligence, mobile phone technologies, advising in taxation, corporate regulatory and compliance strategies to develop a new regional unicorn in digital trade.

  • Mining, Gas & Oil:  Our clients in Latin America are already involved in extraction projects, biofuel, refining, gasification, LNG, pipe lines, deep and shallow water off and on shore explorations and our HQ provides in safety, employment, investment, regulatory, relevant case law updates. A specific area of advising is dedicated to Petrobras suppliers in Brazil.

  • Franchising and retail: Brazil is one biggest markets of retail franchising in the world, The Latin Lawyer provided advise to the Brazilian Chamber of Franchisors (ABF) with 5000 members expanding to the US, Canada, Latin America and Europe. Retailers should be interested in knowing more about franchising business organization in Latin America. The Latin Lawyer can compare regulations in different countries to develop and create  restaurants and hotels chains.

  • Forestry, Aquaculture & Fishing: advising foreign corporate investments in Patagonia, Chile and Argentina, South Brazil and Uruguay about financing, developing and regulatory concerns. There are specific opportunities in the aquaculture market in Chile.

  • Electric power: what large companies in the sector are hiring to new entrants. Regulatory and market opportunities in wind power, biomass energy, solar energy, etc


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