Do you own a business in British Columbia? The Latin Lawyer company and small business law practice in North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Downtown, Vancouver and Kitsilano can help you to achieve your business and financial goals.

That practice emphasizes building corporate and financial strategies for families, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes to improve their business sales and operation.

In corporate law, the Latin Lawyer has designed the following services:

  • Start-ups: establishing new businesses as a corporation, sole proprietorship or purchasing an existing business or assets to further incorporate an operation; prepare employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, shareholders and investor negotiations, keeping and maintain companies’ records for operating businesses and holding investments for their owners, proving good standing with BC Corporate Registry and Corporations Canada to assist your global growth strategy,   expertise in foreign corporations in Canada;

  • Selling: referral to business brokers, prepare your business to sell with a solid structure considering the best taxation opportunities, team working with your accountant to prepare a solid negotiation with purchaser’s lawyer, drafting the agreement of sale, protecting from liabilities;

  •  Reorganizing: implementing private mergers and acquisitions for global growth operations, increasing or decreasing the number of employees, preparing your business to an e-commerce operation, entering into new partnerships or negotiating with existent or new shareholders;

  • International Corporate law follow-up: the Latin Lawyer can compare 100+ national legislations in corporate law, combine different structures and determine the best taxation strategy. In 2005, he received the excellency award for his legal research Doctoral thesis about Corporate International Mobility from Université de Paris II, Panthéon-Assas, Paris France. Since then he has advised many global corporations in Europe, North and Latin America in their global expansion managing multiple corporate legislations.

In Securities Law, the Latin Lawyer proposes the following services:

  • Preparing white papers and prospectus,

  • Negotiating with investors,

  • Compliance with securities’ provincial regulations,

  • Take-over bids and defending take overs with poison pills, reverse take-overs;

  • Prospectus disclosure, reporting for prospectus disclosure; prospectus clearances;

  • Resales of securities;

  • Expertise in multi-jurisdictional disclosure;

  • Initial Public Offerings, Initial Coin Offerings;

  • Focus in blockchain and cryptocurrencies trade regulations, fintech innovation, resource projects and financing;

  • Stock Market International Regulations follow-up: The Latin Lawyer can compare Luxemburg, Canada, Toronto, BC, London, São Paulo and New York stock market regulations and securities legislations.