Ideas wanted! The Latin Lawyer protects your idea with confidentiality applying international law in connection with national policies. Privacy, cyberlaw, intellectual property, biotechnology law, applicable policies and telecommunications cover innovation law.

The Latin Lawyer is constantly in contact with researchers, developers and many other creators focused on the awareness.

Research funding agreements, patentability, access to open sources are available to cooperate with any research and innovation centre, recognizing international principles and strategies in order to provide a valid legal shield. Under certain circumstances, the Latin Lawyer will consider team working with the researchers establishing the necessary legal framework to strengthen scientific and technical research.

The Latin lawyer has an extensive network to promoting innovation and discovering commercialization opportunities.

Some of the covered areas:

  • Legal Fintech: regulatory sandboxes for innovation in multiple countries;

  • Legal Tech: providing legal services online will bring the law to everyone;

  • Health, biology, chemical researching contracts;

  • Legal control of Artificial Intelligence;

  • Crowdsourcing and open innovation contracts;

  • Defend clients against private and public Automated decisions based on algorithms;

  • Employment and innovation contracts;

  • Patentability issues;

  • Access to tax credits and open sources;

  • Selling innovation to public entities (e.g. governments) and private distributors;

  • Licensing and commercialization agreements and opportunities.

  • Legal issues in innovation funding;

  • Industry-specific technical advisory;

  • Adapting corporate law strategies to business intelligence (vertical integration, firm cooperation, etc);

  • Intellectual property strategies for innovation and research.