The Latin Lawyer offers a range of cost-effective legal protection of inventions, brands and designs in multiple countries. The art of solving complex IP disputes outside the courts and provide a fast route for an international defence of copyrights, patents, trademarks, domains, trade secrets and designs in different industries depends on a global knowledge of different areas of the law. This expertise results from the experience in mediations combined with a legal knowledge of technology.


Even the smallest business is concerned about intellectual property, which has become more important than ever. Multinational business on the internet, new communication and social media techniques, innovation, artificial intelligence constantly expose intellectual property rights across the borders.


The Latin Lawyer cooperates to obtain valuable information in grey areas such patentability, keeping the client options open, simply explaining national and international IP systems in order to achieve the proper registration application and filling, claiming priorities, and advising during examinations.


Intellectual Property contracts involving licenses, research, employment IP rights, M&A, e-commerce, content development are also vital component of the Latin Lawyer practice.