Cross-border services are focused in small businesses between Canada and the United States in the following areas:

  • Private M&As and compared Can-US corporate law;

  • fintech business immigration;

  • Dual compliance for diverse industries

  • Individuals with assets and rent in the neighbour country,

  • digital trade;

  • Dual taxation;

  • international lending,

  • bi-national franchising,

  • cross border estates and family;

  • and snow bird immigrants.

That legal experience started with almost 400,000 Brazilians immigrating to South Florida in the late 1990. They purchased houses in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties and opened their businesses right the away. The Brazilian Franchising Association represented 5000 franchisors promoted Brazilian franchises all along the United States. Big restaurant chains, some of them with more than 1000 stores in Brazil opened their doors in the United States. The Latin Lawyer assisted many of them, counselling in small M&As in a much more difficult legal environment than the favourable US-Canada context.

Doing business in the US depends on existing taxation and immigration treaties and for instance Brazil has none of them.

The new version of NAFTA and the taxation agreement will change the future of Canada-Mexico-United States trade and The Latin Lawyer is pioneering in this field, producing several reports for digital trade corporations, published by Thomson Reuters. He also teaches international business law at the prestigious United States University of Western Michigan, Cooley Law School.


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