The Latin Lawyer has significant experience in international law transactions, cross-border issues and international commercial disputes resolution. This knowledge is shared with clients and students from different countries.

International commercial law looks at the law of cross-border activities, the formation of those relationships, negotiating and structuring contracts with foreign elements, solving conflicts of laws. It also focusses into international disputes, what happens when those contracts break down, having or not arbitration clauses.

The firm also ponders whether small businesses operate globally. Local commercial activity seems to be the same than international commerce, but it is certainly not. The role of the Latin Lawyer is to support deals done across the borders and particularly on-line and solve any dispute arising. The Latin Lawyer also knows that International Businesses, dispute negotiation solves more than 90% of the conflicts: diplomacy, accuracy, discretion and a constructive strategy represent the best firm’s assets on the negotiation table.

The firm offers a litigation service in international commercial arbitration without the associated costs imposed by big law firms, delivering the same experience and knowledge.

Nowadays, Small Businesses have an intense international activity and depend on this global taxed income. The Latin Lawyer areas of global practise include:

  • Inward investment and establishment of operations in Canada, Latin America and European Latin countries;

  • Cash repatriation, dual taxation, dividend planning;

  • Commercial contracts with foreign components;

  • Company incubators and secretariat for foreign companies;

  • Export-import advisory;

  • International Risk and Opportunity assessment;

  • Real estate;

  • Family global businesses;

  • A global network in licensing transactions

The firm also assists global corporations in:

  • Corporate governance and intra-group restructuring;

  • Post-M&A integrations and spin-off transactions;

  • Corporate Compliance in complex industries;

  • M&A preparation;

  • International Commercial Arbitration at low cost;

  • International IP agreements;

  • Joint Ventures and Global Finance strategies.

The Latin Lawyer understands the complexities involved in commercial business law transactions and knows the weigh of international economic law. He has participated in many trade governmental negotiations in Latin America, closed trade agreements, established binational chambers of commerce, defending services and individuals’ freedom of trade, national treatment, investment protection, most favored nation recognition between other relevant principles of world trade.