How can a start-up find an expert professional to answer urgent questions before the business is ready to hire full-time managers? The Latin Lawyer is used to provide guidance and advise your company on all legal matter, assisting in creating contracts, tech and online policies, cooperate to build an efficient financial strategy and protect your research.

Anticipating and dodging the problems, drafting TOS (Terms of Services) and privacy policies are only some of the crucial services offered to Start Ups:

  • Intellectual Property protection;

  • Compliance with researching regulations;

  • Tax advice;

  • Legally financing the company and fundraising;

  • The best corporate structure to govern your business;

  • Employment issues;

  • Liability shields;

  • Negotiating terms and agreements;

  • Connections: The Latin Lawyer has an office in Brazil and an amazing global network.


Founders do not know everything and need to approach to a trustable and experience legal advisor to maneuver negotiations and the legal landscape to insure a progressive growth. Formation is a crucial stage for your company, it is represented by the animated sculpture of your business, consider hiring the Latin Lawyer, he is dedicated to the awareness in start-ups.