Does your business strive to attain its organization goals? Do you need to organize legal strategies and processes to prove compliance with market regulations and consumers?

The Latin Lawyer can provide legal audit reports about the different rules for a variety of organizations deciphering complex legal mandates and applicable laws connecting with stringent global principles.

Many years of experience of on-site corporate responsibility, external and in-house counselling enable the Latin Lawyer to help your clients to build trust in the process of your business and potentially improve the profitability of your company. Being transparent with the organization of sensible proceedings such as ensuring data protection, financial services or health care information prevent and save high expenses in remediation of compliance breaches.

Frequently, regulatory compliance services include:

  • The role of determining the influence of emerging regulations over your business model direction;

  • Reporting about the evolution of legal consumer technology that is relevant to ensuring brand reputation and avoiding fines;

  • Deciding about compliance accountabilities and functions across company departments;

  • Informing and teaching about a regulatory compliance culture (environment, safety, investment protection, data security, etc) in different industries;

  • Preventing and anticipating compliance trends to integrate regulatory processes.

  • Advising about applicable compliance to governmental agencies.

  • Analyzing any ethical staff behaviour. The Latin Lawyer teaches professional ethics in different universities.

For instance, the Latin Lawyer can audit regulatory compliance in four languages for the following industries and legal areas:

  • Cannabis: environmental, consumers, data security, corporate and health.

  • Mining, forestry and oil: environmental, industrial security and corporate.

  • Fintech: innovation, data security, financial, securities and corporate.

  • Health care: licensing, innovation, intellectual property, data security, health and corporate.

  • Fisheries: sanitary, municipal, corporate and innovation.

  • E-commerce, software and online services: consumers, data security, corporate, intellectual property and licensing.

  • Fashion and retail: consumers, intellectual property, data security, and corporate.

  • Tourism & food: environmental, municipal, consumer, health and corporate.

  • Services and digital media: IP compliance, content regulatory public events and corporate.