The Latin Lawyer understands legal fintech complexities from a start up to an established financial institution, always connecting technology to business. A long experience in guiding fintech companies within a jungle of regulations, drafting commercial agreements, designing, comparing corporate structures, fulfilling compliance requirements and even internationally reporting for the industry makes The Latin Lawyer the perfect negotiator to bring a strategic vision.

Practising in Legal Fintech represents an appreciation of original difficulties in a complex legal environment where contacts with financial institutions, regulatory agencies and innovators must serve multiple business objectives. Fintech companies usually need venture capital, M&A, ICO/IPO, partnerships, intellectual property, software licensing, corporate equity, data transfer, insurance, pension funds solutions. The Latin Lawyer believes in a long-run relationship with Fintech suppliers, and practises a pricing policy that proves partnership to navigate in the intersection between finance and technology.

The Latin Lawyer provides a high-quality and innovative legal advice guiding fintech suppliers in the following key areas of legal fintech expertise:

  • Making the right partnership at the right time on the right terms;

  • Ensuring intellectual property and user’s experience to protect and sell innovation;

  • Defining the correct regulatory compliance;

  • Mobile payments;

  • Investment management;

  • Fundraising;

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies;

  • Building Smart contracts and connecting the law their reasoning tree and coding.


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