More than 20 years in global practice with about  100 international seven-figures M&As serviced show how complex can be easily explained. In fact, The Latin Lawyer  teaches international corporate acquisitions in different universities. M&As can be a powerful growth engine for your company but they also involve risk.

Before entering into the acquisition process will also include a legal counsel to shopping around for financing and cash flow, analyzing internal corporate capabilities to create value, investigating gross margin to working capital and inventory turnover in order to verify whether the acquisition could expedite the process.


Minimizing negative impacts implies integrating the acquisition with employees, customers and suppliers’ issues, communicating with them to reduce all the disruptions during the transition. Who else better than your lawyer to take care of this?


The Latin Lawyer can also discuss the acquisition with any project manager appointed to the transaction. Reducing the sense of insecurity between buyer and seller improves their commitment to the success of the negotiation.


Then move to the simplest tasks showing the best practices: From a corporate perspective M&A can also involve a business start-up needing to incorporate a new BC or register a federal or extra provincial company, draft a shareholder and partnership agreement, compile a corporate minute book, or update any previous incorporation to enter into the acquisition.

The review of employment contracts, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, commercial negotiations including leases, franchising, suppliers and distribution are part of the Latin Lawyer’s daily practice.

Selling or Buying a business involves drafting or reviewing letter of intents and purchase/sale agreements, conducting a due diligence wit expertise, negotiating third-parties consent or authorizations and advising about financial strategies for the closing.

And no need to worry, The Latin Lawyer can negotiate the settlement in any dispute concerning an M&A.