Consumer’s protection and retail business practices have multiple applications in Canada. Retail operations have taken many forms, from direct online sales to shopping or free-standing stores, franchising law (Canada and globally) is a business model on what The Latin Lawyer has extensive expertise.

The goal is to provide an answer to any strategic question regarding retail law, including trademarks, distribution such as drop shipping, connecting with the firm’s expertise in E-commerce for all. If you come to Canada to install a new retail, to immigrating your business as part or not of a provincial nominee program you will certainly need this assistance.

Expanding retail operations in Canada, sector specialized, The Latin Lawyer can advise restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, food stores, fashion brands, and different forms of retail nationally and internationally:

  • Brand protection

  • Franchising and Master-Franchising

  • Language Law

  • Payment systems

  • Fulfillment contracts

  • Acquisitions and divestitures

  • Canadian and Latin American market entry and expansion

  • Commercial leasing

  • Consumer protection

  • Customs and duties

  • Packaging and labelling

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Zoning


               RETAIL LAW