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With over 30 years of global experience, The Latin Lawyer, covers a wide range of areas, including tech law, mining & oil contracting, commercial litigation, corporations and employment law. He has a strong track record of successfully representing clients in negotiations and assisting with dispute resolution. 


An experienced Barrister and Solicitor in a variety of fields:

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Corporate & Commercial

International Law

Tech Law & Compliance

Individual Rights

Mining & Oil Natural Resources

Retail, Wineries & Restaurants


Corporations & Partnerships


Construction & Pre-cast concrete


Contract Preparation & Negotiation


Securities Regulations & Taxation 


​Maritime, Transportation & Logistics

IT Start Ups

Copyrights & Patents

Regulatory Compliance


Privacy Law & Class Actions


Fintech & Cannabistech


Software Agreements


Innovation & Research

Employment agreements, NDA & NCA

Wills & Estates, Civil Actions

 Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

Arbitration & Family Trusts 

 Federal & Provincial Immigration 

Banking & Insolvency 

General Administrative & Tenancy Law

Doing Business in Brazil

Latin America & Europe Acquisitions


International Relations & Diplomacy 


International Estates


Complex Transnational Contracts


ESG, Global Finance & Taxation 


Expatriates, Trade & Commerce

Legal Today

Looking for legal insights and analysis? Look no further than Alex's  publications in the European Journal Legal Today! As a seasoned lawyer with over 30 years of global experience, Alex is a respected authority in the field, and his articles in Legal Today provide valuable insights on a wide range of legal topics. 

About The Latin Lawyer

Luis Alejandro (Alex) Estoup is the founder of The Latin Lawyer Law Corporation. He has a focus on contracting, digital trade, and corporate strategy for various industries. Alex's work includes assisting small businesses with various types of agreements and negotiations, such as NDAs, outsourcing, development, privacy, data security, fintech, SaaS management, and complex research agreements in co-development.


Alex's legal practise is frequently extended to other provinces in Canada and countries such as Spain, France, UK, Italy, Portugal, and Latin American jurisdictions. He leads global business providing solid corporate immigration strategies, globally produces ESG regulatory audits, and solves complex estates with foreign assets among other international law disputes.

He is also passionate about making the law more accessible for everyone, particularly for small businesses and Latin entrepreneurs in Canada. Alex is proficient in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese and can serve clients in both common and civil law. In addition to his law practice, he is also a law school professor in Canada, the US, Latin America, and Europe.


Legal Background

Globally Licensed Counsel

Canada & Latin America

As a licensed lawyer in the legal societies of British Columbia and Ontario, as well as several Latin American countries, Alex is well-versed in both common and civil law. 

University of British Columbia

L.L.M. and J.D.

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Alex is a highly accomplished lawyer who holds a LLM from the UBC Peter Allard School of Law. He has a strong background in both domestic and international law, with a particular focus on business law, litigation and dispute resolution.

Université de Paris II

Legal Master & Ph. D.

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 9.55.26 AM.png

Alex is a highly skilled and educated lawyer who holds a Ph.D. from the prestigious Paris II University. With a strong background in both civil and commercial law, Alex has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer his clients.

Innovation & Start Ups 

Alex is recognized by the most important incubators and venture capital investors in Canada and the US  for his solid corporate structures to protect innovation and start ups.
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